Spring Cleanup

Call us for a Fall Clean-up now. Get your property ready for Winter.

Our fall clean-up service includes the collection and removal of all leaves, pine needles and other natural debris from the yard, using vacuums and blowers. We prune your shrubs and clean up your beds. September is the best month to lay the groundwork for next year’s lush lawn.

Winterize Irrigation System
We will winterize your irrigation system and ensure all the water is blown out before the ground freezes. The system and water are turned off to avoid any damage during winter months.

Lawn Fertilization
Jane White Lawn & Estate Care will fertilize your lawn in the mid-to-late Fall. We apply a dry lawn fertilizer to all grassy areas. Grass leaves grow much more slowly as the weather turns cool, but the grass roots and rhizomes continue to grow quickly. A fall application of fertilizer delivers essential nutrients for the grass to grow deep roots now and to keep nutrients on reserve for a healthy start next spring.

Fill in Bald Spots
We will fix any bare, bald spots in your lawn.

Weed Control
The Fall is time to fight back. Weeds, like most plants, are in the energy-absorbing mode during the fall. They’re drinking in everything that comes their way, including weed killers. JWM will apply an herbicide now and the weeds won’t return in the spring. We recommend applying the weed killer during early-to-mid autumn, when daytime temperatures are consistently above 60 degrees Fahrenheit to get the best performance.

Call Jane White Lawn & Estate Care at 508-403-5324 or email us to ask about our mowing service or spring and fall clean-up programs.



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