Weekly scheduled lawn-care

We provide quality lawn care service that includes mowing, edging, fertilizing and loving your lawn.

We pride ourselves on our lawn care. It is one of our signature services. A vibrant healthy green lawn is a source of pride for anyone who loves their grass. Do you like a natural green turf with manicured beds and perfect formal edging? Fed by a good sprinkler system, and sculpted with flowers and trees, your lawn can be a beautiful garden setting. That’s how we see it.

Sign up for our contract lawn care and we will maintain your lawn and beds to professional standards. Mowing, edging, watering, fertilizing, and trimming. On a weekly schedule. Same time and day, every week in season. We do it the way you want it done.

Jane White Lawn & Estate Care will plan your overall look, and suggest plantings that will compliment your sculpted beds. We will make sure your lawn is as healthy as it can be. So call us today and set up a meeting so we can get you a free quote for beautiful lawn care.



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